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Lori Griffith

Lori began her career in finance working for General Motors Acceptance Corporation. While working at GM, she also attended night school to earn her MBA with an emphasis in Business Management. In 1996, Lori and her business partner started their own company called “On the Juice”. Their company brought the concept of “meal in a cup” smoothies to Hawaii. Over the span of three years, their company grew from one location to three.

In 2005, with “On the Juice” sold, Lori and her husband Jeff decided to make the move to Issaquah Washington. She joined the team at McKay Wealth Management  as the business’s Operations Manager in 2006. Lori was promoted in 2009 to Chief Financial Officer, overseeing all financial procedures and reporting. Lori also serves on the company's board of directors.

Born and raised in Hawaii, she is active in the Hawaiian community. Lori supports a foundation that serves underprivileged youth by providing free hula lessons and educational tutoring. Jeff and Lori have 3 daughters. Each year the family looks forward to their annual trip home to Honolulu.