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Financial Planning & Preparedness

Financial planning is the process of determining individual goals and objectives, finding solutions, and putting those plans into practice. Ongoing monitoring and adjusting is a major component of the financial planning process. We provide our clients with the education and tools needed to pursue financial freedom and success.

We provide services for individuals and families, business owners, retirees, and people in transition from one stage of life to another. With a strong focus on investment management services, our team can help you, your family, and your business achieve the realistic goals and objectives we outline together.

<strong>Tax Planning</strong>

Tax Planning

We review your financial scenario for insight into opportunities for tax minimization and offer quarterly check-ins to ensure we are incorporating any new tax law changes or life transitions into your tax plan.

<strong>Retirement Planning</strong>

Retirement Planning

An analysis of your present and future income needs drives investment decision making. We provide a comprehensive review of your employer-sponsored retirement plans and suggest how to maximize the use of them, and we continually develop and help implement recommendations to ensure you can maintain your ideal standard of living in the future.

<strong>Estate Planning</strong>

Estate Planning

Taking a proactive approach allows room for the process of grieving and helps remove any unnecessary stress for the bereaved. After a thorough review of your current plans, you will receive guidance on what next steps are appropriate and necessary if your family loses a loved one.

<strong>Specialty Planning</strong>

Specialty Planning

Getting to know our clients and their core values is a large part of how we maximize the effectiveness of our services. We are experienced with individual needs such as philanthropic solutions, executive compensation reviews, and special needs strategies.

“The financial planning process is intended to make a client feel confident in their current circumstances. That's where we want to start.”

Lindsey McKay 

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