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September News & Events.....Did You Know

September 01, 2022

Labor Day 2022

Labor Day is a United States federal holiday observed on the first Monday of September annually.  The day celebrates the American labor movement and the contributions and achievements of the American worker.  It is a well-deserved tribute for those who work hard.  No matter what kind of work you do, Labor Day is for you.

Summer Storms or Hurricanes?

Economic Update

Wednesday, September 21st at 2:00pm

Inflation or recession? Will the Fed tame inflation or cause a recession? Understand the types of recessions and how stock markets react. Join Lindsey and Kezia Samuel, Managing Director of Client Portfolio Management @ AssetMark Trust for an Economic Update. You’ll gain insights into the current state of the economy and strategies to navigate market volatility.

Series I Savings Bonds:

Are they the best way to save during inflation?

It depends. I bonds are a popular, low risk investment but they might not be suitable for everyone. Click here to read more about Series I Savings Bonds.


Do you have a pension that offers a lump sum and are considering taking the lump sum in the next few months? Depending on how that lump sum is calculated, there could be a significant change in the dollar value you see.

Some pension plans use calculations that incorporate mortality tables and interest rates when calculating the present value of a pension lump sum. Because interest rates and present value calculations have an inverse relationship, a rise in interest rates could result in a decrease in your lump sum calculation.

If you are considering taking your pension as a lump sum and are either relying upon a lump sum estimate that is even a few months old or plan on taking the lump sum within the next few months, give us a call and we can discuss in more detail.

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