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May News & Events.....Did You Know

May 01, 2022

You’re invited to an exclusive, one-on-one conversation with economist, writer, and comedian Ben Stein. More than Ferris Bueller’s economics teacher, Ben is a respected finance writer with a deep understanding of personal finance and how investors can set themselves up for success in a variety of economic conditions.

Ben will share his insights on today’s economic uncertainty, strategies for weathering rising inflation, and thinking for the long term. Join Cetera’s Chief Investment Officer, market specialist Gene Goldman, as he invites us IN THE ROOM with what an entire generation considers the most famous economics teacher in history, Ferris Bueller’s monotone econ professor, Ben Stein!


What do The Dukes of Hazzard, M*A*S*H, and The Love Boat all have in common? They were top-rated television programs in 1982; the last time inflation was hovering in the 7% range.

When inflation is running hot, you can feel its overreach in almost every corner of the economy. People see it when they buy gas at the grocery store, but its influence touches mortgage rates, credit card debt, and overall consumer confidence.

Managing inflation is the job of the Federal Reserve, and the Fed’s approach with monetary policy reflects its near single-minded focus on higher prices in 2022. The Fed raised short-term interest rates at its March meeting, and Fed Chair Powell signaled more is needed before the Fed can wrestle control of inflation.

It may be only a matter of time before the Fed’s policies temper inflation. Some see a change in the second half of the year, while others say 2023 is more likely.

A mom can be a great friend, a guiding light, a teacher. One thing’s for sure: no one can take her place. This Mother’s Day, we want to take the time to honor and thank the ones who have helped make us who we are.

Here are some ways to celebrate:

- Remind the mothers you know and love how much they mean to you

- Plan something special for your own mother, or a mother-figure in your life

- If your mom has passed, keep her close by remembering and sharing a story about her

If you’re a mom, we salute you! Thank you for everything you’ve done and continue doing to make this world a better place, both now and for future generations.

Wishing you and your family a very special Mother’s Day.



My first trip to Guatemala for Hands for Peacemaking (HFPF) to help install stoves was in 2008, and have been on the board of directors since 2016. HFPF is also a family effort; my wife and our youngest daughter have also made the trips to volunteer.

HFPF provides training and manufacturing in Guatemala to build wood burning cook stoves replacing traditional indoor open fires. They also build clean water systems, primary and secondary schools. The target communities are indigenous villagers in NW Guatemala.

The stoves are manufactured in the country which also allows for skills training and a decent local wage. The cost of a stove is shared between the HFPF and the villagers through a microloan.

As a retired engineer, I am using some of my skills and experience in evaluating better fire brick and design changes in the stoves to continue to improve efficiencies, and service life, and help determine carbon savings.

For more information about HFPF