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March News & Events.....Did You Know

March 01, 2022


March 8th

In 1920, women earned the right to vote. In 1974, single and divorced women were finally able to get a credit card without needing a male cosigner.

We’ve come a long way, and this year we are celebrating International Women’s Day on March 8th.

While we’ve made so many strides, this day reminds us that there is still a long way to go to ensure equality for all women everywhere. Take time today to appreciate the women in your life and the hard work they do.


Geopolitical Risk Analysis

Tension continues and negotiations are at a standstill regarding Russia’s aggression toward Ukraine. A wide range of outcomes exist, and near-term risks are high that some level of Russian action are forthcoming. Europe is significantly more exposed than the US and expect market volatility. Barring a worst-case scenario of full invasion and severe sanctions, economic and financial market impacts should be manageable.

Click here to download the publication from our associates at City National Rochdale.


Bruce Leonard

Photography has been a passion of Bruce’s since he was young. One of his first jobs at age 13, was working in a camera store after school. After retiring in 2015, he has been able to devote much more time to his real photographic interests: landscape, astrophotography, people and places, birds and other wildlife.

He has captured both the natural and cultural beauty found during his visits to distant places such as The Faroe Islands, Namibia, Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, Cuba, Barbados, The Cayman Islands, Greece, Italy and Spain, as well as Iceland, Ireland and Israel, among other locations.

His work has been shown in many Portland Photographers’ Forum (PPF) exhibitions and in assorted industrial publications. He has won multiple top honors for his photography in Nature Photographers of the Pacific Northwest

You may view more of Bruce Leonard’s work on his website at: and on Instagram @bruce_leonard_photography.